Green Object Allegedly UFO Runs Through Clouds in Canada

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Sightings UFO surprised two airplane pilots in the skies over the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, Canada’s Atlantic coast at the end of July 30. The news circulated and shocked the people Canada.

According to a report uploaded on Aug. 11 to the Canadian government’s aviation incident database (CADORS), the UFO flew through the clouds and disappeared in the area between Quebec and Newfoundland. Luckily the mysterious object didn’t affect the flight.

The two flights reporting the incident were a Canadian military aircraft (CFC4003), flying from a base in Ontario to Cologne, Germany, and the pilot of a commercial airline KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM618) flying from Boston to Amsterdam.

Steffan Watkins, an aviation and shipping researcher, looked at the transponder data from the two flights and noticed that the military aircraft was up 1,000 feet (300 meters) at the time of the alien object sighting. It is suspected that the pilot avoided after seeing an approaching object.

But on the one hand, Watkins suspects that the object is an asteroid that occurred in recent months due to the Perseid meteor shower phenomenon until August 2021.

“Yes, I know [penampakan UFO] will happen in the early stages of the Perseid meteor shower, but don’t be a buzzkill,” Watkins wrote on Twitter Space on Monday (16/8).

Meanwhile, Canadian aviation reports tagged the incident with generic labels such as weather balloons, meteors, rockets, UFOs and did not rule out the possibility of a space rock being the culprit.

Unlike the US department of defense, Canada’s Department of National Defense does not track sightings of the suspected UFO.

However, to quote Daily mailthere is no indication that it poses any safety concerns or poses a flight safety risk.

“The crew saw something in the air, and reported it to NAV Canada according to standard procedure, before continuing their mission without further incident,” a Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) spokesperson said.

The mysterious UFO object continues to be investigated for its existence. In December 2019, a private collector donated more than 30,000 UFO-related documents to the University of Manitoba at Winnipeg, including a number of documents about the Falcon Lake incident, one of Canada’s most high-profile UFO cases.

Meanwhile, in June 2021, the Pentagon publicly released its long-awaited report, of more than 140 documented UFO sightings by US Navy pilots.

The report concludes that most of the reported unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) may represent physical objects although there is no evidence that foreign visitors were behind the incidents.


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