Guardian, Canada’s Best Sniper Who Was Reportedly Killed by a Russian Sniper

Bisnis.comJAKARTA – Residents on Twitter social media are busy discussing the news of his death sniper or the best sniper from Canada named Wali, Wednesday (19/3/2022).

The guardian reportedly died during the Yavoriv bombing as reported by, Wednesday (16/3/2022). He is said to have taken up arms for Ukraine in the face of the Russian invasion.

Who is the Guardian?

Originally from Canada, Wali landed in Ukraine on March 4, 2022, along with three other former Canadian soldiers and a large contingent of British veterans.

Reportedly, he left Poland and was placed in a renovated house before joining the military Ukraine and other fighters.

News of Wali’s death spread on Twitter, prompting speculation that it was Chinese propaganda spreading rumors.

In Indonesia, news of the sniper’s death was leaked by @SoftWarNews on Wednesday (16/3/2022). The account regularly updates the war between Russia vs Ukraine.

It is known, Wali is a pseudonym. He asked to be addressed by the code name given to him in Afghanistan, in case former KGB strongman Putin discovers his true identity and attempts to harm his family in Quebec, Canada.

Wali spent Saturday (12/3/2022) in an abandoned building on the outskirts of Kyiv, with a view he described as a “strategic location.”

As he fights for Ukraine, his family and friends gather to celebrate his son’s first birthday.

Before the Russia vs Ukraine war broke out, the 40-year-old man worked as a computer programmer.

He left his job and family and joined the Territorial Defense of the Ukrainian International Legion.

The sniper’s exact identity is unclear, although he is recognized by the Arabic name “Wali” which translates as “wali.”

Guardian is referred to as a Canadian sniper who prefers to remain anonymous due to the nature of his job.

According to The Independent, Wali served in Kandahar with the 22nd Royal Canadian Infantry Regiment from 2009 to 2011.

In 2015, he was also said to have volunteered to fight with Kurdish forces against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Reportedly, snipers can kill up to 40 people in one day. On average, a sniper will score five to six kills per day, depending on the situation.

The guardian currently holds the record for longest confirmed murder, as of June 2017.

An ISIS fighter in Mosul, Iraq, was shot with his McMillan Tac-50 rifle at a distance of about 3.5 kilometers, he said.

According to Ukraine, about 20,000 volunteers from 52 different countries have signed up to serve in the international legion there.

This group of foreign fighters will be able to wear Ukrainian uniforms and apply for citizenship.

The Geneva Conventions ensure that if Russian forces capture them, they will be treated according to the convention.

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