Corner Gas Animated, The Hardy Boys, Mary Berg and Drag Race Canada win at Night 3 of the 2022 Canadian Screen Awards

Corner Gas Animated, The Hardy BoysMary Berg and Canadian Drag Race was among the winning individuals and programs during Online Presentation Night 3 of 2022 Canadian Screen Awards.

The first part of the live streaming celebration focused on the Kids & Animation category hosted by Deepa Prashad, followed by the Lifestyle & Reality category hosted by Best Host, winner of Lifestyle Maria Berg.

Here are the winners in Wednesday’s main categories:

Best Performance, Animation
RuPaul, Most Brave Knight

Best Writing, Animation
Ken Cuperus, Sandy Jobin-Bevans, Happy House of Brightenstein“Hide and Go Eek”

Best Short Animation
Angakusajaujuq: The Shaman’s Disciple

Best Animation Program or Series
Gas Corner Animation

Best Look, Kids or Teens
Saara Chaudry, Lockdown

Best Writing, Kids or Teens
Mark De Angelis, Eric Toth, Strange Troops Mobile Unit“Mission O Possibility – Nature of the Sand Beast”

Shaw Rocket Fund Children’s Choice Award
Miss Persona

Best Pre-School Program or Series
Paw Patrol

Best Children’s or Teenage Non-Fiction Programs or Series
All-round champion

The Hardy Boys

The Best Children or Teen Fiction Programs or Series
The Hardy Boys

Best Talk Program or Series
Artists & Icons: Indigenous Entertainers in Canada

Best Variety or Special Entertainment
Canadian Drag Race Anniversary Extravaganza

Best Entertainment News Programs or Series
Entertainment Tonight Canada

Best Morning Show
Breakfast Television

The Best Host, Talk Show, or Entertainment News
Amanda Paris, CBC Art: Exhibitionist

Best Host, Lifestyle
Maria Berg, Maria Makes It Easy

Best Writing, Lifestyle or Reality/Competition
Brandon Ash Muhammad, Canadian Drag Race“Scream”

Best Lifestyle Program or Series
Maria Makes It Easy

Best Reality Program or Series/Competition
Canadian Drag Race

For a complete list of winners, visit Canadian Academy of Cinema and Television website.


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