“I am not against euthanasia”


Man claims that he sees no more reason to continue and has reached his limit due to a broken financial situation

© Pixabay/PlaybackLes Landry is Canadian and chose to end his own life

Process from euthanasia generated a huge discussion around the world. In countries where such operations are permitted, the motives of those seeking the end vary widely. Often, these are terminal patients who want to find peace without pain. But case in Canada has attracted the attention of the international press.

This is because Les Landrypensioner, 65 years old, requested the procedure and stated that he intended to end his own life question finance. It turned out that the resident had to quit his job as a driver after suffering three times strokes. Currently, the man travels around in a wheelchair and risks losing his own home.

Euthanasia performed painlessly on terminally ill patients (Reproduction/Pixabay)

What I’m missing is disability benefits – subsidy for guide dogs, special dietary allowance, transportation allowance. I am no longer a disabled person. I am a senior citizen in poverty“, he explained in an interview with Global News.

I have nothing against euthanasia. What I’m against is extending the procedure without increasing benefits or quality of life. How do you reach the segment of society where death is the only option to get out of their situation?“, he pointed out, still according to the vehicle.

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