‘Riverdale’ actor who killed his mother, sentenced to life in prison says ‘I’m sorry’ lawyer says | pop art

Actor Ryan Grantham in a scene from Riverdale – Photo: Playback

“Mr Grantham recently told me he is doing well, getting the help he needs, and has accepted what happened and why. He regrets what he did to his mother,” Grantham’s lawyer, Chris Johnson, told TMZ. .

Find out which ‘Riverdale’ actor killed his own mother

According to the website, the actor receives psychological assistance from prison and is occasionally seen by psychiatrists. Gratham, 24, is in a prison hospital in British Columbia, Canada, following an appeal from his lawyers, who fear he will be sent to a maximum security prison where he “could be physically, psychologically and sexually abused.”

It has not yet been decided where he will serve his sentence.

“He recognizes he has a lot of personal work to do, but he’s working on it so he can be a mentally healthy and supportive member of society in the future,” Johnson said.

crime and belief

He shot and killed his mother on March 31, 2020. Barbara Waite, 64, was hit in the back of the head while playing the piano indoors.

The next day, Grantham covered her mother’s body with sheets and left the house, intending to kill the politician.

He also confessed that after his mother’s murder he was terrified, wrote in his diary, videotaped beside the body, went out to earn money, came home, tested Molotov cocktail production and watched TV for two and a half hours.

The next day, he left the house with the intention of killing the prime minister. Apart from talking to the police, the actor also wrote down his intentions in a diary. Halfway through, however, Grantham changed his mind and turned himself in to the police.

television career

Ryan Grantham in a scene from ‘Considering Love and Other Miracles’ – Photo: Reveal

Grantham began acting in television and films at the age of nine. “Riverdale”, “Supernatural” and “iZombie” are the standout series of the actor’s career.

He also acted in the films “The Path of Evil”, “Considering Love and Other Magic”, “Becoming Redwood” and in the first feature of the franchise “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”.

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