‘World’s greatest sniper’ denies news he will be killed in Ukraine with photo in ball pool – Monet

Guardian’s dreaded Canadian sniper in a ball pit on the outskirts of Kiev (Photo: reddit reproduction)

To this day, the least likely adult to frequent the ball pit is Sheldon Cooper who shouts “Bazinga” in ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Yes, until recently, the dreaded sniper known as Wali provided the strangest proof of life by taking a selfie, apparently in Ukraine, in a children’s attraction of the type holding his rifle.

Previously, Wali used his extraordinary skills to serve the Kurdish resistance against the advance of the Islamic State in Iraq, during which time he shot down a target that was 3.5 km from his position. Again with the “intention to help”, snipers land in Ukraine to help defend against Vladimir Putin’s forces.

Canadian Guardian snipers during combat (Photo: Twitter reproduction)

Canadian Guardian snipers during combat (Photo: Twitter reproduction)

Married and father of a son, the military man does not include Guardians in his documents. The Arabic word became the shooter’s nickname, who liked the meaning of the term “protector” or “guard”. He also served in the Canadian Army in Afghanistan in Kandahar Province. In Ukraine, he joined the “international legion” of foreign volunteers in the fight against advancing Russian troops.

And in the information war between Ukraine and Russia, Wali was allegedly shot down in combat, but yesterday, the sniper, whose real name has been withheld to protect his family, gave interviews and took joking photos to prove that he is still active and operational. against his enemies. According to the soldier, he is hiding on the outskirts of Kiev for security reasons.

Soldiers in action in Mariupol during Russia's invasion of Ukraine (Photo: Getty Images)

Soldiers in action in Mariupol during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (Photo: Getty Images)

Canadian journalist from Global News, Ashleigh Stewart, managed to find war heroes of our compatriots for an interview. He said he was “alive and well and resting in the Kiev region before returning to the front lines”. “I was the last person to hear the news that he died. I thought it was just trolling,” he joked. Information circulated on the network about a foreign army barracks that was bombed after its location was leaked by soldiers seeking likes on social networks who published photos denouncing their position on the battlefield.

“I feel strange, because over time the enemy will lose credibility with this propaganda. I don’t understand why they are pushing these lies,” wailed Wali. “It was pretty obvious because after a few days I came out and told everyone I was alive,” he continued. The soldier said he narrowly escaped death in the battle where he was 50 meters from enemy lines, much closer to the kind of confrontation he would usually have. “We were lucky. Now I know what it’s like to be hit by tanks. I’m just a regular soldier. I’m a good soldier, no doubt. But I’m a good soldier among good soldiers. Maybe next time [os russos] If they say I’m dead, it may be true, but no one will believe them.”

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