A fan falls from the mezzanine in the middle of Drake’s concert and the artist reacts

How scary! According to the newspapers Page SixLast Sunday, January 22, the Canadian singer drake had to stop one of his performances because a fan fell from the mezzanine. According to the communications vehicle, the show’s audience would jump from a great height onto the track in great excitement.

The situation occurred in New York, in the United States of America. At that point, the artist was alerted, stopping the presentation and asking if the fan was okay. According to his team, no one was injured.

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drake closed out 2022 gathering ‘nonsense’ such as lawsuits, accusations and another Grammy boycott, but closed the year in a positive way professionally with confirmation of her participation in the Lollapalooza 2023 festival, in São Paulo and breaking records with her new album “Honest , Nevermind”, on its debut on the Apple Music platform last June.

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The singer ended the year peacefully and in good company: she recently got a new pet, a Bengal kitten.

Drake introduced the pup on Instagram, revealing his name: “Cyatty”. The photo received over 2 million ‘likes’ from fans.

Also having to like the rapper’s new mascot is the singer’s son who also likes cats.

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