Canadian journalist fired after gray hair

Canadian journalist and news anchor Lisa LaFlamme, one of the biggest names in journalism in Canada, was fired after deciding to go gray and stop dyeing his hair blonde. Lisa made the decision during the pandemic, and she currently has gray hair. “At 58, I still think I’ll have more time to tell more stories that impact our daily lives,” LaFlamme said.

In a statement, Bell Media president Mirko Bibic said that Lisa’s hair color was not the reason for her departure from the network, but rather the readjustment of the staff. However, a report by a reporter Poppy Harlow, from CNN, claims that the reasons are ageism, sexism, and the fact that journalists consider her gray hair. Also according to Harlow, insider information reveals that “the top brass don’t like to see a gray-haired woman in charge of a newspaper”.

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The journalist has been at Bell Media for 30 years, the last 11 years as a news anchor. On her Twitter, Lisa expressed her anger over the situation, saying she was “really wanting to leave CTV against their will”.

After the news anchor’s resignation, a movement supporting him grew stronger. Several companies around the world have campaigned against the prejudices suffered by journalists. Wendy’s, a traditional American fast food company, replaced the red-haired girl icon in its logo with a gray-haired girl:

“Aging is beautiful. We should all be able to do it our own way and without consequences,” Dove wrote in an Instagram post, prompting her followers to turn their profile pictures gray in support of the journalist. Check:

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