The final episode of season 2 premiered on Globoplay

The story of Ellen (Heslaine Vieira), Lica (Manoela Aliperti), Benê (Daphne Bozaski), Tina (Ana Hikari) and Keyla (Gabriela Medvedovski) will have an extra dose of emotion in the final stretch of season two. five o’clockoriginal series Globoplay. Passion, unforeseen circumstances, and account settlement fueled episodes seven and eight, which arrived on the platform today.

Keyla’s nightly show isn’t quite what she expected, much to her annoyance with Tina. The young woman, in turn, falls back into her old ways and worries about Glauber (Elzio Vieira).

While Benê loses her piano and feels the end of her relationship with Nem (Thalles Cabral), Lica and Ellen have a difficult conversation about their friendship at a bar, where they end up getting mugged.
At the Midtec party, a facial recognition system failure, previously alerted by Ellen, causes an uproar. A heart-to-heart talk between Ellen and Maura (Tamirys O’hanna) finally took place and the two talked about their feelings, just as Keyla and Tina discussed their relationship. To everyone’s surprise, Benê changes his appearance and Tina finds Ariel (Rafael Vitti) again, triggering the final episode of the second season.

Created by Cao Hamburger and written by Cao Hamburger, Luna Grimberg, Maíra Motta and Maiara de Paula, with Vitor Brandt, Íris Junges, Thays Berbe and Thais Fujinaga, the second season of As Five, original Globoplay, has artistic direction by Fabrício Mamberti and general direction by Dainara Toffoli. Executive production by Isabela Bellenzani (Estúdios Globo), and production by Caio Gullane and Fabiano Gullane (Gullane Entretenimento). Genre direction by José Luiz Villamarim.

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