The serial killer known as ‘Snake’ leaves the prison

Convicted in Nepal, Frenchman Charles Sobhraj benefits from illness due to law and will be deported. He terrorized Asia in the 1970s and was featured in the Netflix miniseries Heaven and Snakes. French serial killer Charles Sobhraj, known as “Snake”, has been released from prison in Nepal and will be deported to France this Friday ( 23/12). Sobhraj terrorized Asia in the 1970s, killing many. Recently, her story came back into the spotlight when she was portrayed in the Netflix miniseries “O Paraíso ea Serpente”. “The Nepalese government wants to bring him back as soon as possible. Sobhraj does too,” said Gopal Shiwakoti Chintan, the killer’s lawyer. He is expected to depart for France on a Qatar Airways flight later Friday. Sobhraj, 78, has been jailed in Nepal since 2003 for the murders of two North American tourists. The decision to release him was taken on Wednesday by Nepal’s Supreme Court. Suffering from heart problems and needing surgery, he has benefited from a Nepalese law that allows the release of bedridden prisoners who have served three-quarters of their sentences. The court ordered him to be deported within 15 days. “I feel good, I’m flying to Paris,” Sohbraj said by phone, according to British newspaper The Guardian. Prior to the announcement of his transfer, a spokesperson for the French Foreign Ministry said that if notified of the deportation, France was “obligated to comply with the request, as Sobhraj is a French citizen”. Crime Originally from Vietnam and India, Charles Sobhraj began traveling the world in the early 1970s and eventually settled in the Thai capital, Bankok. There, he pretends to be a gemstone dealer to befriend his victims – mostly western backpackers. Then he drugged, stole, and killed them. Dubbed the “bikini killer” in 1975 after the body of an American woman in a bathing suit was found on a beach in Pattaya, Thailand, Sobhraj has been linked to more than 20 murders in countries including India, Nepal and Thailand – but accounts for only three. Another nickname, “Snake”, comes from his charm and slippery ability to escape prison. Sentence in India Arrested in India in 1976, Sobhraj spent 21 years behind bars for the murder of French tourist Jean-Luc Solomon. The period became known for the luxuries in which he lived, bribing guards with cash and gems, and for his brief escape in 1986 after drugging prison guards – he was eventually recaptured in the Indian state of Goa. Released in 1997, he returned to Paris. In 2003, thinking that he would once again flee from the authorities, he went to Nepal. However, he was arrested in the tourist area of ​​Kathmandu. The following year, a court sentenced him to life imprisonment for the 1975 murder of American tourist Connie Jo Bronzich. Ten years later, he was also convicted of the murder of his Canadian partner, Laurent Carrière. During his time in prison in Nepal, Sobhraj married a Nepali woman 40 years his junior. In 2008, then aged 64, he met lawyer Nihita Biswas, 21, while he was acting as a translator in prison. In Thailand, he was accused of killing six travelers and had arrest warrants for decades, but he was never extradited to the country to face charges. le (the day after tomorrow, ots)

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