Shawn Mendes opens up about breaking up with Camila Cabello: ‘I’m alone now, and I hate it’ – Entertainment

Shawn Mendes released a video that shocked fans, where he opened his heart about ended his relationship with Camila Cabello.

In the picture, the Canadian singer talks about the inspiration behind the new song: “One thing that reflected in the lyrics for me was that ‘Eita’. You don’t realize when you break up with someone you think it’s the right thing, and don’t pay attention to all the things that go wrong. happened after.”

Shawn reveals he feels lonely: “Who should I call when I have a panic attack? Who should I call when I’m at my limit? And I think that’s the reality that hit me. I’m alone now. I can say I’m finally felt like I was completely alone, and I hated it. That’s my reality now.”

In the comments, fans were touched by the message the star shared and showed support. “We are here for you always, you will never be alone,” wrote one follower. “It hurts to say these things, but I’m glad you can vent it,” another netizen commented. “You deserve all the happiness in Shawn’s world,” wrote one fan.

The singer was recently announced as one of the presenters of the 2022 Oscars. He will help deliver one of the awards that night.

Shawn’s ex Camila has a film ready for the first Oscar award voted by fans. New adaptation of Cinderella is one of the internet’s favorites to take home with the statue.

Check out the video that Shawn posted on social media below.

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